SALE: Winter Posing Pack (3 Sessions)

All posing coaches are currently accepting online and in-person posing sessions. Use the posing sessions menu option under "Posing" to schedule a session! We're offering a sale valid to purchase and use within November-February only for 3 posing sessions at $40 per session ($120 total) vs. original price of $55 per session ($165 total).

The Winter posing pack must be purchased within November & December 2023, and January & February 2024. All 3 sessions must be scheduled and completed within November-February only. No exceptions.

The winter posing pack will be in addition to your already purchased posing pack if you have one.

The winter posing pack is valid for Kaylia/Bikini and Lexi/Wellness.

Men's Posing Update

Performance Posing is a Bikini and Wellness posing company only. We refer all figure and men's posing clients to Superior Flow Posing.

Group Posing Classes

Use the group posing menu option under "Posing" for class details and to sign up. There will not be group posing classes November-December. Classes will start back up January or February 2024. Group posing classes are not available online at this time. We are working out details to offer online webinars in 2024.

eBooks & Bikini Posing Course - Winter 2023

Our posing eBooks and Online Bikini Posing Course will be available for purchase tentatively by January 2024. Use the Education menu option for details.


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