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What are the prices for posing coaching?

Prices are available on each page for eBooks, Online Course, Posing Sessions, Video Critiques, and Group Classes. Use the menu options to access the applicable pages/pricing.

What divisions do you offer posing coaching for?

Bikini and Wellness only! Figure, Women's Physique, Women's Bodybuilding, Men’s Physique, Classic, and Bodybuilding are referred to Superior Flow Posing.

Which bodybuilding federations do you coach posing for?

NPC and IFBB. If you compete within a different organization, we can most likely help, but contact us first to confirm.

Does Performance Posing offer ONLINE and IN-PERSON posing sessions?

Both! Online posing sessions take place via FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Zoom. In-person posing sessions take place in the posing studio at The Mecca Gym in Meridian, ID.

How do I attend a group posing class?

Must be local to Meridian, ID. Go to Posing > Group Classes > and view the posing class calendar to sign up.

How do I start with Performance Posing?

We highly recommend starting with our eBooks and Online Courses, then moving on to Video Posing Critiques and/or Posing Sessions. If you’re not Bikini, then start with the Video Posing Critique and/or Posing Sessions.

How do I pose with a coach at Performance Posing?

Go to the Posing menu option, choose the service you’re interested in, and follow the steps on the page to submit a Video Posing Critique or book a Posing Session. Your posing coach will be notified.

Do I have to be in prep to start learning posing?

No! We recommend learning posing as soon as you think you may want to compete, and highly recommend posing in your improvement seasons!

Do I need experience competing and posing to work with Performance Posing?

Not at all! We specialize in beginners. We work with all experience levels from Beginner to Advanced.

Can Performance Posing help with suit, tanning, and other questions?

Yes! We cover all those details in the Competitor FAQ Guide. If you have additional questions, submit them in your Video Posing Critique, or ask in your Posing Session.

Are updates to the eBooks and Online Course free?

Yes, minor updates to the current eBooks and online course will be free to those who’ve previously purchased an eBook or Online Course. We’ll notify you via email/text when there are updates. Major updates and/or new launches will NOT be free.

What is covered in the Video Posing Critiques and Posing Sessions?

Every detail that happens from the moment you walk on stage, to the moment you exit. We’ll provide education and feedback on stage posture, walking, mandatory poses, transitions, routine, what happens on stage, best practices to navigate the stage, mobility and core control, suits, tanning, etc. Whatever you need, we’re hear to help!

When can I expect to receive a response from a coach at Performance Posing?

Within 1-3 business days.

How do I reschedule or cancel a posing session?

Use the reschedule/cancel link in your booking confirmation email or calendar invite. Cancellations will be refunded if you cancel BEFORE your scheduled posing session time. *Late arrivals and No shows will not be refunded*.

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